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Meet Daisy

By 11th June 2020No Comments
Daisy + Family

Daisy was born on the 4th June 2019 in Birmingham, UK. She made her arrival at 40+6 weeks after an uneventful pregnancy. Daisy initially appeared to be a healthy baby, passing all her newborn screenings and was able to go home when her Mum, Toni was discharged.

The next morning Toni raised her concerns to their doctors as Daisy appeared very sleepy, was feeding poorly and didn’t cry! Later on that day Daisy was transferred to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Over the next few days Daisy deteriorated was feeding poorly and having difficulties breathing on her own. After trying different breathing aids it was decided Daisy needed to be ventilated. She was moved to the Intensive Care Unit and was ventilated for almost 3 days.

On Day 9 (diagnosis day) Daisy was doing much better – she was now completely breathing on her own (hurrah!). They thought she was getting better, little did her parents know the next conversation with the doctors was about to change their lives forever.

Daisy was diagnosed with NKH, and in that second everything changed. Toni and Adam were told Daisy was unlikely to survive her first 6 weeks and almost certainly wouldn’t see her 1st birthday. Well, Daisy has just celebrated her 1st birthday.

Daisy brings so much joy. Their life is not easy and everyday comes with its challenges but to see Daisy reach milestones they were told wouldn’t happen is inspiring. Daisy is our hero, she touches the hearts of everyone she meets.

Follow her journey on Facebook: Daisy’s Diary with NKH